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Product Features

Explore what content Momos helps you manage with ease

your Website Up to date

Keep customers in the know with everything about your restaurant on your very own free and customizable microsite

Your menu managed masterfully

Make sure your guests are always in the know of what’s cooking. Update your menu on Momos once and instantly make those changes appear on whatever sites or platforms you’ve selected

Your key information in one place

Keep your customers instantly up to date on crucial information like updated hours, locations, and dietary specifications. Upload changes and we’ll update all of your key sites and platforms instantly

Momos for your restaurant

Explore how Momos’ diverse range of services can benefit your food business

For Small & Medium Restaurants

From happy hours to updated menus, keep your customers in the know

Maximum presence

Keep your digital presence up to date with our free microsite

Key info updated everywhere

Let Momos help you instantly keep your essential information updated across every platform

Manageable Menus

Maintain your menu across your website, review sites, social media, and the food delivery channels with ease. Quickly make changes to your menu’s items, descriptions, availability, and price without breaking a sweat

For Restaurant Groups

Keeping your customers informed has never been this easy

Clunk and cost free content management

Escape the hassle and costs of managing a website for each of your brands and outlets with our free microsite

Seamless updates

Edit and upload once and have your information pushed across all your channels automatically

Menu Managed

Quickly update menu items, prices, descriptions, etc, and track the results of these changes across all of your channels.

For Quick Service Restaurants

From exciting events to new additions to your menu, make sure your guests are always in the know

Modern Microsite

No more expensive website costs. Manage your content easily with Momos’ free microsite

Easily make changes

With new offers and menu items being added constantly, your channels and partners will struggle to stay up to date. Just update your content once on Momos, and all your key sites will be instantly up to date

Manageable Menus

Momos’ world class menu management helps you keep your menu running at the same speed as your ideas.

Momos has changed the game for us

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Digital marketing

Explore the possibility of running your own, in-house, marketing agency with the help of our simplified digital marketing tools. Bring all your campaigns to one location and easily analyze revenues and costs at the group, or even, restaurant level. Optimize your market spend and ROI with Momos

Content Management

Updating constantly evolving menus and brand information across channels can be challenging. With Momos, manage your menu in one location, update essential restaurant information on the go, and manage your content with an easy-to-use, cost-free, microsite

Reputation Management & Customer Service

Seamlessly connect and manage your reviews across channels in one location. Aggregate all your chatter to highlight customer feedback trends, and have a chatbot deal with your customer’s FAQs

Your Content managed everywhere from one location